Why Creativity is more important than the Design Tool

In the article below they touch upon tools for Wireframing, Prototyping, and those tried and trusted UI Design tools that we eat, sleep and breathe (you know the ones). Oh boy, there’s quite a few to choose from, and they cook up all sorts of debates in the Twittersphere and beyond!

I won’t be touching on the Wireframing and Prototyping tools portion of the article below, but concentrate on the UI Design tools that are mentioned briefly in the article, and why you need to just choose the one that suits you and roll with it. There’s no magic tool to suit all types of designers, and you need to remember that, however many times you may be bashed over the head with advocates of a certain design tool.

Photoshop is what many designers turn still turn to, and what many, should we say, time-served designers still use on a regular basis, even with the introduction of Adobes new Design and Prototyping tool XD (Experience Designer). And this can be for all manner of reasons. Something like Sketch not being available to Windows users for a start. The unity between applications inside of the Adobe Creative Suite. Stronger design tools for working with text and imagery. The list goes on.

The same goes for users of Sketch for example. They may have been looking for something more suited to UI Design today, an ability to move more swiftly through a project, or they just hate Adobes walled garden. Who knows. But like I’ve always said the skills maketh the designer, not the tools.

Every single one of the design tools available to us, either desktop or cloud based, is just that, a tool. If a designer has the will and determination to be the very best they can be, then they will become that with whatever tool they decide to roll with. Certain tools may place restrictions on how far you can push your creativity, but they’ll never completely stifle it. Great, no amazing work, can be produced in any design tool that you decide to go with if you’re willing to push yourself as far as you can go creatively.

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But like I’ve always said the skills maketh the designer, not the tools.

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