Them = Us

As soon as you say them, you are creating an inclusive relationship.

When someone says them, they are usually trying to create an exclusive relationship, distancing themselves from the other. But what they are actually doing is acknowledging a relationship, a connection between themselves and the other. It may be far-flung, but it is still a relationship. And that is what is important.

Relationships make a difference.

We are quick to shirk responsibility. It can be overwhelming to think about how our actions will impact others, but we need to get comfortable in that position. We need to understand as individuals how we constantly impact the lives of others. By recognizing that relationship, we can make decisions that steer our actions towards a positive experience.

Relationships and responsibility go hand-in-hand, and that is a good thing. In any given day you are inundated with the actions of others and their impact on you. Many of these you will not notice, not consider, as they are routine or below your self-determined level of perception, but they are happening and they do have an effect.

  1. Consider the person who was smiling while they were walking with their child this morning.
  2. Think about the building in your neighborhood that was being demolished and you are not sure what will go in its place.
  3. Perhaps the roaster who assisted with your daily caffeine intake missed the mark that day, resulting in a sub-par cup of Joe that you blamed yourself for.

These experiences could be considered personal or relegated to a very small number of people, but their impacts are far-reaching and long-term. For example:

  1. Seeing someone else experience joy can brighten your day, making the world seem like a happier, more welcome place.
  2. There has been some nervous chatter amongst neighbors about that building, so while there is relief in it being gone, there is a discomfort in not knowing what will take its place.
  3. The morning coffee ritual can be a crucial one to the start of the day, and starting the day with a flop does not feel very great.

Let us take responsibility, together.

By recognizing that them is actually us, we have the opportunity to recognize our impact and our ability to improve the world around us. Simple actions go a long way and generally do not take much effort to accomplish.

We are all experience designers. Let us start acting like it.