Sketch on steroids (aka plugins)

Hello friends.

This article is aimed at Sketch beginners & enthusiasts. The Sketch hardcore users might find something useful, but probably not.

The magic of Sketch (besides the better interface, superior iOS mirror, etc etc …) comes from plugins.

If you’re using sketch out of the box, you’re not leveraging the true potential of this powerful design tool.

Here are some of my favorite plugins I encourage you to try and speed your workflow:

  • Craft by Invision
    I use Invision everyday to share my work with collegues and clients. It’s easy and straight forward. There’s a similar sync functionality with Marvel, but Craft offers soooo much more (content generator for example).
  • Abstract
    Gone are the days of Dropbox. Abstract offers simple versioning, but when you use it as a team is much easier to track changes/updates and have the big picture after a few days of work.
  • Sketch Image Compressor
    It’s all in the title. There are some bugs on MacOS HighSierra, but I imagine they will be fixed soon.
  • SVG Compressor
    The same.
  • San Francisco font fixer
    There are more plugins like this, but this is the only one that works with the updated version of San Francisco fonts
  • Golden Line Hight
    Command+L to make all your text readable. Really cool.
  • Sketch Measure
    While tools like Invision & Zeplin offer this, I found developers are lazy and won’t bother with the pixel-perfect details. So, to ease their work and make sure they get it right this is a must-have.
  • Sketch Palettes
    If you’re using more macs, this one will come in handy to keep your swatches in sync.
  • Confetti
    This one is a paid one, and you can go without, but sometimes it’s fun to play with.
  • Magic Mirror
    If you don’t buy Adobe licences anymore, this can come in handy to place you gorgeous designs on iPhones.
  • Tiny Faces
    Easy to fill avatar pics with quality images.

Honorable mentions: Runner (too complicated for me), Flinto/Principle, Blender, Loop, Font Packer.

There are obviously a lot other great plugins out there, but this is what I find I use the most.

Using plugins will improve your workflow and eliminate a lot of the repetitive tasks that frustrate you.

If you use any other cool plugins, please share.


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