Sketch 41.2 to 42, key updates.

Disclaimer: I am new to both sketch and blogs, will try my best to convey what I am intended to share. It will be helpful that if you share your views of this blog after reading it which may save you from future shits like this. :D

I started using sketch from its version 41.2 after seeing many appreciation the app gets from fellow UI designers. I found it more light weight since it has less number of tools compared to other design tools like photoshop or illustrator. Also, it is built exclusively for UI design which leads to its fast growth in the field.

Boolean operation:

While moving from illustrator to sketch for UI design, I found many of its features are handy and some are awkward. And few are both, one among the few is boolean operation. What’s handy in sketch’s boolean operation is that you can edit the final shape from the boolean operation whenever you want unlike illustrator. Those are called as combined shape in sketch. Also, you can add any number of shapes into the combined shape to get your desired final shape, this is the awkward feature (in V41.2). Hold on! why is this awkward?

As we know, we can add any number of shapes to a combined shape, the layer order or hierarchy of shapes inside a combined shape is a vital one for our desired output. In general, the layer order should be inversely proportional to the size of the shapes. But, that doesn’t worked out well in sketch V41.2. Thankfully, this has been fixed in V42 and combined shapes in this version works awesome. Below, am adding my own scenario to explain this better.

Difference between boolean operations in V41.2 and V42

Input field for corner radius:

Every input field in sketch allows you to do basic math operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to its values. We can use “+, — , *, /” for these operations. So, here comes a hypothetical situation.

Input field for corner radius of a rectangle in V41.2

Hope, you know that sketch allows you to edit different values for each corner of a rectangle. To separate those values, V41.2 uses ‘/’ symbol. How can we use a ‘/’ operator in this field?

Input field for corner radius of a rectangle in V42

Sketch V42 uses ‘;’ to separate those values so that we can use ‘/’ as a division operator. Cool, isn’t it?


Scalable Vector Graphics are now the rocker in the web world. Be it the file size or the pixel perfection on any scale value or the features it provide for animation, 90% of the time it defeats its so called competitor “PNG”. But SVG and sketch V41.2 doesn’t make a good pair. Since, exporting SVG from sketch V41.2 does provide awkward results. Same in the case of importing too. This has been fixed in V42 and in addition, V42 fixes many SVG bugs related to symbols.

Zoom level:

Pixel perfection is vital while designing UI. Zooming is the only way for achieving pixel perfection. V41.2 provides only 6400% of zoom whereas V42 provides 400% higher level that is 25600% of zoom level. This will be handy for pixel perfection.

In addition to these key updates that I have mentioned here, there are many other updates related to performance are also shipped with V42. And moreover sketch is rapidly upgrading.

Don’t forget to share any update that you have found interesting.