Prototyping UX solutions with Hockeystick’s Product Manager, Boris Iglesias

Talking smart use case scenarios, interactive prototypes and UX deliverables for enterprise with Hockeystick Product Manager, Boris Iglesias.

Longstanding UX Consultant, UX Strategist & Product Manager at Hockeystick, Boris Iglesias has been using Justinmind Enterprise prototypes to present his designs and workflows to clients and stakeholders. Boris has extensive knowledge and experience with a range of wireframes, mockup and prototyping tools. With a career that comprises User-Centric Design, Entrepreneurial Business, Product Design and Software Development technologies, Boris has a sweeping array of weapons in his UX Design and prototyping arsenal. A Justinmind specialist, we spoke with Boris about his experience with our tool through his years as a UX Pro.

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