How to open-source your ideas

Have you ever had a fantastic idea for a billion-dollar company, a fun project, or a nifty gadget? You know you have. All of us have.

As fun as it is to dream big about our ideas, we are quickly brought crashing back to earth with the reality of execution. Some smart and successful people have already discovered this:

“The value of an idea lies in the using of it.” — Thomas Edison
“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.” — Scott Belsky
“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.” — Guy Kawasaki

Yeah yeah, we get it. Your idea is worth nothing until you’ve actually made it. But how often do we ever have the time or the skills to go out and do it? Some of us are lucky enough to be pursuing one of those ideas, and often we have even more bubbling to the surface. They end up being chucked into our mental storage closet to gather dust.

We built, as a free platform for people to share those brilliant dust-gatherers. The ones you know you’ll never get around to, or have the right skills to make happen.

Ideas on Rough Idea are under Creative Commons Attribution International License 4.0, meaning you can use and remix other people’s ideas.

Imagine you’re working on an app for a coffee brand. You can jump on Rough Idea and search “coffee” and see what kind of stuff people are coming up with. One idea about an app to meet friends for coffee stands out to you, and boom you can start using and remixing it straight away. If the author has left their details, it’s always nice to hit them up and say thanks.

This is not the place for stealth, IP-fanatics. This is for the people that want to see their ideas go out into the world and become something!

Jump on now and post up your own Rough Idea.

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