Can I Learn Design, I ain’t ”Creative”? Why not!

Design is NOT just cool graphics.

I belonged to a tech background, and I am not much into coding but somehow just like most of Indian students I end up getting an Engineering degree. I always thought that I am not “Creative” hence art and design were like those long distance friends whom I never visited or thought they wont befriend me.

It was just a year ago when I got to know about this design domain, which doesn’t need one to be artistic. You don’t need to be creative to be a designer. I mean obviously one needs to have a good aesthetic knowledge while designing a user interface but in user experience? No I don’t think so!

What I feel is there is nothing in this world that can not be learned. Design? Surely not! To learn User Experience, one doesn’t need to be creative but a thinker. Recently, I attended this winter school on User Experience Design and it enlightened something inside. Design is much more than cool graphics. Graphics, UIs are just part of a bigger picture of what we want to communicate and how.

“The challenge in creating any user experience is to understand the needs of the users better than they understand those needs themselves.”

A great design is something which is reflective in nature. The one which makes us feel that “Yes! This thing makes me complete.”

User Experience is a skill not a talent. It can be learned just like any other skill. All it takes is the will, enthusiasm and thrill to hustle and when you are passionate about it it all comes easy. So just chill, take a deep breathe pen your goals on a piece of paper and work everyday to reach to that goal and no one can stop you to get it. Consistent efforts and dedication can do wonders!

The best user experiences are designed when we make User the King! User Centric approach is the one which is best suitable for it. A user centric design (UCD) approach basically have four stages: 1. Establishing Requirements, 2. Design Alternatives, 3. Prototyping, 4. Evaluating and yes its a cycle you will have to keep ideating always.

A good designer should have these qualities-

  1. User-Centred: User comes first.
  2. Empathy: I am NOT the typical user.
  3. Ownership: It is always the designer’s fault.
  4. Iterative: I’ll not stop after building it once.

Thank you for your time. Hope this post was helpful. And do tell me what are your views on it in the comment section.

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