Announcing unDraw

A constantly updated collection of MIT licensed illustrations you can use on your designs, websites, apps and any project really!

Finally, I am able to announce what I have been working on for the past few months. unDraw is finally live! You can browse, discover any image you want, instantly change the main color and download a perfect fit to your design palette!

The recommended format is SVG. It is future-proof, scalable, tiny-sized, can be customized with plain CSS and has great browser support. However Twitter, Facebook and even Medium do not support SVG uploads so you can choose an optimized PNG which is also generated with your preferred color!

I will keep uploading new illustrations as soon as they are production ready which means on an almost daily basis… Let me know what you think and I would love to hear your thoughts or suggestions!

Check unDraw out!

P.S.: It is still early and there may be a few bugs but you can report them directly to me on my Twitter profile.

P.S.2: Andrew Chraniotis hope you’ll like it as you’ve made me really anxious about your opinion! Hahaha…

P.S.3: Please DO NOT HUNT it on Product Hunt. This is an actual beta phase and it would put the server under enormous pressure. Thanks for understanding.