All The White Spaces

I drawn to minimal design. I like how a message is being conveyed without being loud.

1. A Whitewashed Town

These series of photographs of the Italian town of Puglia captured by Cereal Magazine reminds me so much of Santorini Greece.

2. Saturdays

On Saturdays, I sleep then read then sleep more.

Saturdays, a Short Film from Kinfolk

3. French Cuisse

Food photography with VSCO

ramen fried chicken

4. Uzik

Don’t know how to best use videos on your website? Why not make it full screen. And why not fit 5 videos on a single page?

5. I and Me

Your images are never too big.


6. Studio Thomas

A simple grid and a page full of text goes a long way.

7. Thy Workspace

I love love minimal workspaces. I always browse various workspace design ideas on tumblr. I like that only the essentials to work are seen. And I like making mood boards.

8. If you love your marker

This is a laid back font that I found! Very cool.

9. Oh your brand!

I love the concept of this brand, from the tags, business card, and the stationary set.

“Eyes blinded by the fog of things
cannot see truth.
Ears deafened by the din of things
cannot hear truth.
Brains bewildered by the whirl of things
cannot think truth.
Hearts deadened by the weight of things
cannot feel truth.
Throats choked by the dust of things
cannot speak truth.” 
 ― Harold Bell Wright, The Uncrowned King

What inspired you this week?