A Dear Diary moment of someone between UX, tech and business

I am not even sure about my job title, but here's what I do.

First, checking and updating my bullet journal. Yep, I’m one of those people. Then, checking our kanban board. Some cards (tasks) needing review — I'’ll help to finish them before picking a new one. Finishing before starting, y'all.

Testing interface & user experience

There is a new form coming to life, about a new type of user profile to be created in our product. I see a couple things: a part of the UI is not following our pattern and some code there can be improved. I inform the card owner - The card won’t proceed to the next stage before fixing this.

I notice a UX problem and we get the team together to solve it in a quick call. We get some ideas to test, and we decide where they fit in our priorities and strategy, reorganizing the backlog.

Defining our principles & improving our process

It’s a newly formed team and the process wasn't clear enough yet — That was causing confusion and deliveries were a bit slow. After getting the team together and talking about what works and what doesn’t, taking our experience in consideration, we decided to document our process.

I take the liberty of making some cards with our principles — the ones that guide our process. It's all very natural and I don't spend too much time on it, because it was just to show the idea for the team.

Researching professionals

I proceed to spend some time at LinkedIn Recruiter (and other tools) to find out more about professionals and how they can add to our team. Always paying attention to the great talents out there. Keep your stuff updated :)

Checking up with everybody

In this case, the CEO is participating in all fronts and helping the team to build the product, which is great. All the team is very involved in testing and paying attention to UX — A culture we built. We talk about process & deliveries everyday and it’s all very collaborative. New ideas and suggestions are collected.

Image from “What, exactly, is a Product Manager?”. I can relate.

Creating a usability test & checking the results

I go to UserTesting.com to send a form to test. After creating the tasks and questions, in about one hour I got a couple videos of people using it. Other people were giving feedback in our Slack too. I start to collect all this data in one place and making sense of it, to create some cards in our backlog.

Taking a look into marketing

New marketing materials are being requisited — Our product is growing internationally. I participate in the definition and design for it. I coordinate with our marketing person the creation of cards for the new tasks.

Reading, writing and learning

Keeping up with my habits, very important part of my day — That's how this article got published and new ideas are in my mind for the next ones :)

There was more stuff going on, like some side & personal projects, but this sums up my daily activities. Some people were actually curious about it, maybe because I'm not even sure what title should I assume (Product Manager, Product Designer, etc…) — But no problem — I know I want to get better at every one of these fiels and learn more about other ones.

Thanks for reading!

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