5 Podcasts For Creatives

Podcasts are a great way to learn about new techniques, hear stories and life lessons from other successful people and take in some useful knowledge. And we all know that knowledge is power!

I’m a big advocate of the podcast. Sure, I listen to quite a lot of music whilst I’m creating, but there is a huge range of podcasts out there that are worth listening to. I love to learn, and as a business owner I’m always keen to hear about other design businesses and how they operate.

Here’s my top 5 that I listen to on a weekly basis.

AID Put out 5 episodes each week and interview some amazing artists, designers and creatives.

1. Adventures In Design:

Hosted by the ever-entertaining Mark Brickey, Adventures In Design (AID) offers an insight into all things design. Mark interviews successful designers, artists and creatives and puts out 5 podcasts per week. The show delves into not just the creative side of design but the business side of things too. I’ve learnt so much already from this show as it appeals to my entrepreneurial mindset. Brace yourself for some hilarious anecdotes, strong language and a big portion of non-PC jokes.

Price: The podcast is free for the most part. But if you sign up to the AID Circle Of Trust for $10 per month then you pretty much get double the amount of content. I’m a member, and the extra content is definitely worth it, as it works out at 50 cents per episode. Available at: http://www.adventuresindesignmarket.com

2. Working Without Pants:

A bit of a weird title. But the idea behind it is that freelancers can work from anywhere as long as they have a computer. So essentially, you can work from your home, in your boxer shorts. It’s liberating. You should try it. The show host Jake Jorgovan interviews agency owners, freelancers and consultants to really delve into their secrets to success. The guests on the show always offer some great nuggets of advice to help creatives and freelancers maintain a healthy life/work balance. And at the end of the day, that’s what this working game is all about.

Price: Free on iTunes or at: http://jake-jorgovan.com/working-without-pants

3. The Deeply Graphic Designcast

This podcast is hosted by 3 different design agency owners based in 3 different cities in the US. It offers a great insight into the day to day running of a design agency. Believe me, no day is the same. Dealing with clients can be tough. Chasing up invoices can be tough. And admin days are extra tough! The show’s hosts: Wes, Mikelle and Nick offer up some excellent advice for designers who want to be savvier with the way they operate their design business.

Price: Free on iTunes or at: http://thedeependdesign.com/graphic-design-podcast/

4. Freelance Transformation:

This one is great for freelancers in the digital and creative sector. Freelance Transformation gives you an amazing insight into the minds of successful digital and creative entrepreneurs to help you to grow your freelance career into a stress free, efficient, moneymaking business. The show’s host Matt Inglot interviews some of the most successful digital and creative minds, who share experiences, hints and tips that are well worth taking on-board.

Price: Free on iTunes or at: https://freelancetransformation.com/blog/podcast

5. Science Vs:

Ok so this one isn’t a podcast for creatives. But it is great for people who want to gain knowledge. Wendy Zuckerman hosts the show that pits facts against fads, trends and opinions. Science usually wins. I found their episode on organic food particularly interesting, as it proved many of my preconceptions about organic food to be wrong. The production quality is great and Wendy goes into a lot of detail and effort to get present the facts against the myths. Well worth checking out if you’ve got an inquisitive and open mind.

Price: Free on iTunes or Soundcloud or at: https://gimletmedia.com/show/science-vs/episodes/

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